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Adv Vinay Utpat

    Adv Vinay Utpat
    Retd: District Judge from Pune
    Retd: President Consumer Forum
  • He worked in various places in Maharashtra as a Judge in the
    service of almost 30 years.
  • He was re-appointed as a President at District Consumer Forum,
    Pune for 5 years.
  • He tried and handled various matters relating to criminal and
    civil law, matrimonial disputes, Industrial and labour disputes and complaints of consumers too


Adv.Parag Barde

Adv.Parag Barde
Aurangabad High Court
  • He has been providing legal advice and services since 2002
    and is an independent lawyer, practicing in various fields of law


Adv R.V.Deshmukh

Adv R.V.Deshmukh
Ahmedabad High Court


Adv Amlekar

    Adv. Anil Amlekar
    Retd: As Judge



Adv. Shridhar Kulkarni
Retd. Presiding Officer of Industrial Court Jalna